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Tania C Foster, Accredited Asset Management Specialist AAMS®

Tania C Foster, Accredited Asset Management Specialist AAMS®

Tania is a Financial Advisor at PlanTrust Wealth Management, LLC. She has worked in the financial services industry for over 6 years. She began her career working in retirement planning, helping state and local government employees reach their retirement goals.

As a financial advisor, Tania creates customized guidance, based on her clients' entire financial picture. She believes that trust is the foundation of every great relationship and the relationship with your advisor should be no different.

In the community, Tania is honored to be a board member with the Ron Howell Foundation where she helps equip and empower young leaders. Additionally, she is an active volunteer with the SIFMA Foundation Investwrite program - a national writing competition offered to students and teachers participating in The Stock Market Game. She also serves as a small business volunteer advisor with Pacific Community Venture helping small business owners in areas of finance. 

Tania has been featured in several financial publications including CNBC, Yahoo Finance, U.S News & World Report, and Fiduciary News.

When Tania is not hard at work serving clients, she is spending time with her wonderful family. She is married to Roger and they have two sons, Darniel (15) and Elton (5).

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Why Us?

We are driven by our vision of making a positive impact on the lives of every client. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where clients feel free to discuss their current situation as well as their goals and dreams. With no quotas to meet, our focus is always on you.

Establishing trusting relationships is our business model so you can always count on exceptional service!

Is PlanTrust Wealth Management a fiduciary?


Registered Investment Advisors are held to a fiduciary standard meaning that they are required by law to act in the best interest of their clients.

How do you meet with clients?

Our office is located in Columbia, SC but we can meet virtually with clients who are located out of state.

What is your investment philosophy?

We believe in long-term, diversified investment strategies based on a client's risk tolerance, time horizon and objectives. We may use no load mutual funds, ETF's, individual stocks and bonds when building client portfolio.

We use industry leading tools to research, screen and monitor investments.

How do I stay updated on my account?

Clients will have access to their accounts and can view them at anytime. Monthly statements will be sent by the custodian and clients are encouraged to review them.

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